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Entries by Harry Shearer from 09/2008

New Orleans Exhales, Then Gasps Again

| Posted 09.05.2008 | Politics

A couple of very prominent Senators currently running for president might want to consider something when they arrive in Oxford, Mississippi in three weeks for their first debate.

Dick Cheney Lied -- to a Republican

| Posted 09.16.2008 | Politics

In his new book, Barton Gellman reports a new twist on the old story of administration officials trying to tie Saddam Hussein to 9/11, and the most newsworthy thing about the report is the source.

Bush Favors Texas Over Louisiana -- Even Bobby Jindal Notices

| Posted 09.18.2008 | Politics

Governor Jindal has noticed a disparity between the federal government's willingness to lift a recovery burden off the state of Texas and its refusal to do the same for Louisiana.

Alchemy Lives!

| Posted 09.21.2008 | Business

I may be an economic special-needs person, but there's one fact about the current credit meltdown that seems to be escaping a lot of attention.

The Failure of "Because I Say So"

| Posted 09.30.2008 | Politics

As an American typically ignorant of the arcane ways of the financial wizards, what was missing for me in the scare talk last week was somebody who could put the danger in concrete terms.