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Entries by Harry Shearer from 01/2009

Cheney's Legacy Project and the Return of the Media Cringe

| Posted 01.04.2009 | Media

Do the producers of the Sunday political shows think it's presumptuous to submit high officials to the kind of grilling they brag about when senators or other lesser beings undergo it?

Is the Problem with Finger-Pointing That We're Using the Wrong Finger?

| Posted 01.13.2009 | Politics

Help me. I'm confused. Are we supposed to ignore the past, forget finger-pointing and blame-gaming and look forward? Or are we supposed to demand accountability? Or some third option?

They Kept Us Safe -- or Did They?

| Posted 01.14.2009 | Politics

So, a question for conservatives: did the Clinton administration, like the Bush administration, do a fine job of protecting the country once it had undergone one al-Qaeda attack?

What Bush Forgot About the Katrina Event

| Posted 01.15.2009 | Politics

Even while the rest of the country may have not noticed Bush's parting insult, New Orleans sure got the message.

The Tone of Washington

| Posted 01.20.2009 | Politics

The magnitude of Obama's popular and electoral-vote victory means that we have seen the end, for now, of the politics of illegitimacy.