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Entries by Harry Shearer from 05/2009

The Cheney Torture Tour: What's the Deal?

| Posted 05.04.2009 | Politics

If Cheney's re-fighting an internal argument he lost four years ago, what's the point? Three words: "don't prosecute me."

Release and Conceal: The Mirror-World Edition

| Posted 05.14.2009 | Politics

In the latest phase of what I'm proud to name The War on Torture, we've definitely entered Mirror World.

Obama to New Orleans: Drop Dead?

| Posted 05.18.2009 | Politics

The farther we get into this administration, the clearer it becomes that New Orleans is now enjoying its second consecutive federal administration with a do-nothing approach to helping the city.

"Unpleasant Things"

| Posted 05.21.2009 | Politics

Buried deep within the former Vice President's chest-thumping speech defending the Enhanced... excuse me, the Unpleasant Things Program was a bizarre boast.

What Did Powell Know, and Why Isn't He Subjected to the Pelosi Treatment?

| Posted 05.24.2009 | Politics

Has Washington already forgiven and/or forgotten Powell's role in making the final "close" on the sale of the Iraq War? In D.C., apparently, Powell's credibility has experienced seamless reweaving.

New Orleans: Not a City of Whiners

| Posted 05.26.2009 | Politics

When I say that New Orleans' people are the most resilient and self-reliant folks I've ever encountered, I didn't yet have this example at hand.