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Entries by Harry Shearer from 09/2009

Recovery: The New Black

| Posted 09.17.2009 | Business

Are the green shoots real, or are the government economy-minders taking premature credit to dampen populist anger? Let's hope they aren't simply seeing some dandelions in the lawn and calling it springtime.

Remembering Henry Gibson

| Posted 09.17.2009 | Entertainment

In a business filled with frantic narcissism and aggressive neurosis, Henry was an island of adulthood. If he wasn't a Buddhist, he could have taught them a thing or two.

Help Me, Lindsey

| Posted 09.20.2009 | Politics

Sen. Lindsey Graham was answering the president on Sunday's Meet the Press, and he had a good talking point. At least he must have thought so, because he kept using it.

Obama's Plate is Not Too Full After All

| Posted 09.28.2009 | Politics

I found Obama's Olympics lobbying to be the ultimate rebuke to the people of New Orleans regarding his torpor when it comes to remedying the aftermath of the failure of the federal levees four years ago.