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Entries by Harry Shearer from 10/2009

Obama to New Orleans: Hold On, I'm Coming

| Posted 10.01.2009 | Politics

Like a rock or pop act that makes its audience wait till the encore to hear the Big Hit, Obama has made New Orleans wait until mid- or late-October for the long-promised presidential visit to the Crescent City.

New Orleans: Who Calls the Shots?

| Posted 10.05.2009 | Politics

One day before the office was to expire, President Obama extended the life of the Gulf Coast Recovery "Czar" (don't tell Glenn Beck) for another six months.

The Afghanistan War: Just Askin'

| Posted 10.07.2009 | World

Is it possible that Afghanistan's tortured history is at least somewhat dictated by its geography -- most crucially, finding itself forever at the borders of competing empires?

Obama in New Orleans -- Is That All There Is?

| Posted 10.12.2009 | Politics

Obama's New Orleans visit itinerary shows that he won't be addressing crucial disaster aversion issues. But he will be taking questions and meeting schoolchildren. Events, in short, that look good on TV.

New Orleans: "We're Trying to Get a Real Commitment"

| Posted 10.14.2009 | Politics

The only project of any size in New Orleans that a new report praises for having been completed is, ironically, the closure of the MRGO canal that critics long predicted would funnel storm surges into the city.

Obama's Visits -- Compare the Length of the Stays

| Posted 10.14.2009 | Politics

President Obama spends four whole hours tomorrow in New Orleans, and then 16 hours in San Francisco. They must have experienced a hell of a federal disaster there.

New Orleans: What's Been Done, What's on the To-Do List

| Posted 10.15.2009 | Politics

In New Orleans, there have been notable steps forward in arts, education and entrepreneurship since Katrina. The bad news is that the "temporary" pumps installed for future floods do not, and cannot work.

Obama in New Orleans: Been and Gone and Got It Wrong

| Posted 10.15.2009 | Politics

For those of us looking for even the semblance of substance in President Obama's Town Hall meeting in New Orleans, frankly, he could have saved the jet fuel.

An Exercise in Slow-Motion Urgency

| Posted 10.16.2009 | Politics

Never too late to start up. There is, in line with this spirit of urgency, a "new" White House working group on issues of coastal restoration in Mississippi and Louisiana. Warp speed, baby.

Stop the Music...and the Torture

| Posted 10.22.2009 | Politics

Those who focus solely on the closing of Gitmo merely invite the US government to move any detainees still in need of further 'care' to Bagram, which is in a similarly lawless situation, if not more so.

Afghanistan--A Voice for the Choice Obama Has Rejected

| Posted 10.29.2009 | World

If there's any consistency to America's foreign policy mistakes since WWII, it's the saga of brilliant men deciding upon wars in countries they barely understand; whose history they ignore--at our peril.

New Orleans: The Corps Defends the Future

| Posted 10.30.2009 | Politics

I'm preparing to make a documentary film on the causes of the flooding of New Orleans, and so I decided to attend one of the community outreach meetings the Corps of Engineers holds.