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Entries by Harry Shearer from 11/2009

One Year Along:

| Posted 11.03.2009 | Politics

It was maybe March of this year that I first said I thought the then-new President was in the process of making two major, perhaps historic, mistakes. That verdict stands.

Out of the Mouths of Corps Managers...

| Posted 11.04.2009 | Politics

New Orleanians are right to worry about what the Corps of Engineers is doing in the "rebuilding" of the levee-floodwall system.

Flood Insurance: The Flip Side of Katrina

| Posted 11.06.2009 | Politics

FEMA discovered that something they thought was a levee in the 1970s turned out to be a raised railroad track, triggering the redefinition of the neighboring streets as flood zone.

Another Letter About Afghanistan the President May Not Be Reading

| Posted 11.11.2009 | World

Following Matthew Hoh's resignation letter comes a missive from William Polk who, like Hoh, finds the only prudent course of action regarding Afghanistan to be a timely removal of troops.

The Word Not Spoken: Bagram

| Posted 11.13.2009 | World

When Fox staged a special Veterans Day version of its NFL pregame show at Bagram AF Base last Sunday, they failed to mention one interesting fact about Bagram: It's the site of America's other Gitmo.

Waste in Your Levee? Don't Blame the Corps

| Posted 11.17.2009 | Politics

Crazy how accountability works at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Other than construction waste in the levees, how many other such mistakes have gone undiscovered?

New Orleans: Where Accountability Failed, Liability Follows

| Posted 11.19.2009 | Politics

The Army Corps of Engineers' liability for damages to at least three New Orleans plaintiffs has been made official by a Federal district judge. The question now is whether the Justice Dept. will appeal.

The End of a Public-Radio Era

| Posted 11.19.2009 | Media

When Ruth Seymour announced earlier this week her retirement as general manager of Santa Monica's pioneering public-radio station, KCRW, it really did mark the end of an era.

Why Obama Needs to Weigh In With the Corps of Engineers

| Posted 11.24.2009 | Politics

Republicans defended Bush and blamed state and local officials when the Army Corps of Engineers was found culpable for the flooding of New Orleans. Now Democrats are doing the same thing.

The Brits Look Back, We Look At Sarah Palin

| Posted 11.24.2009 | World
Read More: Iraq War, World News

The Brits -- backward-looking sort, don't you think? -- have just opened an official inquiry into how that country got into the Iraq War.

Britain's Iraq War Inquiry, Day 2

| Posted 11.25.2009 | World

The Guardian sums up the second day of the official Chilcott inquiry into the origins of the Iraq War

"Signed in Blood" -- Tony Blair's Deal With Bush

| Posted 11.26.2009 | World

Now we're getting somewhere, and it's only day three of Britain's inquiry into the origins of the Iraq War.

"Reality Stars": Sign Us Up Before We Kill Again

| Posted 11.27.2009 | Entertainment

If the Heenes weren't enough, here came the Salahis -- both families obviously just this close to the line of offering to kill family members if only it would get them a TV series.

Was The Surge Just A Fig Leaf?

| Posted 11.30.2009 | World

As the stage is being set for an "AfPak Surge," it might be time to take a look at Surge 1.0, in the now-forgotten war, the one in Iraq.