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Entries by Harry Shearer from 01/2010

The Dark Prison Gets a Little Spotlight

| Posted 01.08.2010 | World

While the President and the punditocracy alike have no compunctions in talking about Guantanamo Bay, the word that continues to be unspoken is Bagram.

The Fantasy Assignment Desk: Where's the Brennan Op-Ed on Iraq?

| Posted 01.13.2010 | Politics

If any journalists are reading this, here's your assignment: find out what was in deputy NSA Advisor John Brennan's unpublished Op-Ed from 2005, which he titled, "Mr. President, You're Wrong on Iraq."

How To Help in Haiti: the Grass-Roots Version

| Posted 01.16.2010 | Impact

This note is relayed by my friend Lolis Elie, reporter for the New Orleans Times-Picayune, who describes Beverly Bell's work in Haiti as "selfless and inspiring."

Don't Want to Go Overboard With the Sympathy Thing

| Posted 01.26.2010 | Politics

President Obama has been asked to weigh in on the portentous Colts v. Saints Super Bowl matchup.

Obama to New Orleans: Recover Without Us

| Posted 01.28.2010 | Politics

In the welter of State of the Union news, this tidbit got to me: the administration is letting the Office of Gulf Coast Recovery quietly die.

Are Tech Solutions the Best Solutions to Terrorism?

| Posted 01.31.2010 | World

In the wake of the Underpants Bomber, lobbyists for companies that make full-body scanners -- including -- Michael Chertoff -- have unhesitatingly pushed their products. But fashion and profit aside, why not sniffer dogs?