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Entries by Harry Shearer from 05/2010

New Orleans: The Joy and the Dread

| Posted 05.01.2010 | Green

As more details of the BP spill incident emerge, one spies a familiar pattern. Major projects in America seem to be rife with wishful thinking and short-term economics. Because it's cheaper to believe in best cases. Until the worst case happens.

Not Quite "Beyond Petroleum"

| Posted 05.10.2010 | Green

From Iraq to Katrina to this oil spill, the recent history of arrogant ignorance -- who knew ice crystals form a mile down? -- seems to form our 21st-century legacy.

Bagram --The Cat's Slightly Out of the Bag

| Posted 05.11.2010 | World

I've been writing about Bagram because it stands as a rebuke to the president's pledge for change. What's happened at Bagram -- and you can Google it -- is perhaps worse than our history at Guantanamo.

The Rand Paul Quote Everybody's Ignoring

| Posted 05.21.2010 | Politics

The political spin on Paul is that he's worrisome because he's not within the standard lines of the modern political debate. I'd suggest he's worrisome because he is.

Why This is Obama's Katrina Moment -- Literally

| Posted 05.26.2010 | Green

A full-throated, thoughtful, energetic response to the remaining problems dogging the rebuilding of the "hurricane risk reduction system" in New Orleans might have given the Obama administration the aura of caring about the area.