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Entries by Harry Shearer from 07/2010

The Best and the Brightest... Again

| Posted 07.11.2010 | World

The neocons who began banging the drum for an invasion of Iraq in the late '90s were -- aside from their professed ideology -- not that different from the "tough-minded liberals" who pushed JFK and LBJ into the rice paddies and jungles of Southeast Asia.

Another Katrina Myth Science

| Posted 07.12.2010 | Politics

As we approach the five-year anniversary of the Katrina flooding next month, it becomes increasingly clear that almost every piece of information spread about the event by the national media has turned out to be wrong.

A New Orleans Diary -- Leaving Town, After Six Months

| Posted 07.18.2010 | Politics

It's been an incredible experience to spend the first half of the year in New Orleans, as it's roller-coastered from Super Bowl-inspired ecstasy to oil-spill-driven gloom. No city has traveled so far on the emotional spectrum so fast.