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Entries by Henry Blodget from 04/2008

What All These Cries For "More Regulation!" Actually Mean

| Posted 04.01.2008 | Business

Our regulatory systems and enforcement can always be improved. But let's be honest about what's really going on here.

How Goldman Sachs Secretly Destroyed Bear Stearns

| Posted 04.02.2008 | Business

Once again, Goldman seems to have outsmarted the rest of Wall Street, spotting a problem before everyone else did.

Alan Greenspan's "Don't Blame Me" Tour

| Posted 04.08.2008 | Business

Alan Greenspan, grow a thicker skin already. Of course politicians are going to blame you -- that's what politicians do. Of course your critics are going to be brilliant in hindsight.

Congress's Latest Pathetic Housing Bailout Plan

| Posted 04.09.2008 | Business
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If you're going to use taxpayer money to bail people out (already a bad idea), at least bail out the people who need to be bailed out. Like those about to get foreclosed on.

Yahoo-Google Search Test: Brilliant Counter-Move That Should Extract Higher Price From Microsoft

| Posted 04.09.2008 | Business

If Yahoo and Google appear headed toward a full-blown search deal, Microsoft needs to buy Yahoo even more now -- if only because it will then be able to fire Google as Yahoo's search partner.

Who Killed Katie Couric?

| Posted 04.11.2008 | Media

Don't think for one second that the person who leaked the news of the meeting didn't know that that was exactly what he or she was doing.

Time For Bank CEOs Who Blew It To Step Down

| Posted 04.15.2008 | Business

Unless forcefully shown the doors, CEOs seem to show no willingness to accept real responsibility when things go bad.

Ex-GE Boss Jack Welch Has Some Straight Talk For Successor

| Posted 04.16.2008 | Business
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What does former GE (GE) boss and straight-from-the-gut management superstar Jack Welch think caused GE's first quarter bomb? Is GE's model broken? (C...

Merrill Blows Another $9 Billion on Gambling Losses, Firing 4,000 People Not Responsible

| Posted 04.17.2008 | Business

Merrill Lynch's mortgage gambling tab keeps growing. Thankfully, Merrill is addressing the problem: It's firing 4,000 people who had nothing to do with the losses.

Easiest Job on Planet: Bank CEO

| Posted 04.22.2008 | Business

Take the job after an economic downturn, announce "new era" for Your Bank, have PR people place a Fortune cover story about you, and sit in your chair for three years and collect at least $50 million.

And the Latte Indicator Says...Economy Screwed

| Posted 04.24.2008 | Business

How bad is the economy these days? So bad that one of the nation's largest purveyors of custom-made addictive drugs is slashing its forecast yet again as customers tighten their belts.

Counting on a Quick Economic Recovery? Read This First

| Posted 04.29.2008 | Business
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On Wall Street, happy days have returned. Before you bet your business (or portfolio) on this happy dream, read what market gurus Jeremy Grantham and Peter Bernstein have to say.

Online Moguls To Feast on $42 Billion Newspaper Ad Pie

| Posted 04.30.2008 | Media

After another jarring 3.5% decline over the past six months, print-paper circulation will drop to about 50 million this year -- the lowest level since 1946.