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Entries by Henry Blodget from 02/2009

Why Geithner's Banking Fix Won't Work

| Posted 02.12.2009 | Business

The bottom line is that someone has to take the losses on the $1+ trillion of depreciating assets that are crushing bank balance sheets, and we taxpayers have woken up to the fact that we don't want it to be us.

Look In The Mirror, America. See Japan?

| Posted 02.13.2009 | Business

After 15 years of sniffing condescendingly at the Japanese for nursing along their zombie banks and trying to spend their way out of their economic malaise, we're rushing headlong down the same road.

Are the Sulzbergers Broke?

| Posted 02.20.2009 | Business

Barring a miraculous industry recovery, it does not appear that the Sulzbergers will follow the Chandlers, Bancrofts, and Grahams into the golden post-newspaper-owning sunset.

Death To Zombies: Nationalize Banks Now

| Posted 02.23.2009 | Business

Nationalization does not mean "government-run banks." It means temporary seizure and restructuring. Customers are protected. Depositors are protected. Jobs are protected.

How Far Will Stocks Fall If This Is Another Great Depression?

| Posted 02.25.2009 | Business
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You really don't want to know the answer to that question, but here it is: Another 75% from today's level. In the Great Depression, the S&P index fe...