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Entries by Holly Robinson from 05/2009

The American Idol Finale: A Classic Tale of Good versus Evil?

| Posted 05.19.2009 | Entertainment

Now that we're down to the final battle between Allen and Lambert, I've come to believe that American Idol is like great literature, offering us the classic conflict of good v.s. evil.

Still in Love with Spock After All These Years

| Posted 05.19.2009 | Entertainment

I thought my lust for sexy Vulcans was gone for good but the new Star Trek brought my first love back to me.

Our TV Sleuths Need to Take a Page from British Mysteries

| Posted 05.21.2009 | Entertainment

In the US we create unidimensional detectives because we're focused on one-upping each other on plot devices that show the weirdest ways to die or the coolest tricks in the lab.

Why Our Stories Matter

| Posted 05.27.2009 | Healthy Living

The last time I called my father, he asked me what time it was. "Don't you have a watch, Dad?" I asked. "No, they always take those away when you ...

Susan Boyle: The Poster Child for Late Bloomers

| Posted 05.29.2009 | Entertainment

Boyle gives all late bloomers hope that we still have a chance to realize our own dreams. Want to be a singer? Run a marathon? Invent a flying car? Watching her, we know it's not too late!