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Entries by Howard Fineman from 12/2010

Obama's Naivete on Bipartisanship Has Finally Caught Up to Him

| Posted 12.01.2010 | Politics

Many who listened to President Obama's account of this week's meeting with Republicans believed there was hope for a bipartisan conclusion to the lame duck Congress. What planet do he and they think they're on?

Bush Tax Cuts: Fears Mount Of White House Cave On Top Priority [UPDATED]

Posted 12.02.2010 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- An informal deal to hold four "test votes" with Republicans was canceled late Thursday night, according to a spokesman for Senate Majori...

Fly Away, Air Force One

| Posted 12.03.2010 | Politics

Accused of being a radical by the right, Obama in fact has allowed himself to be trapped, with a few notable exceptions (health care and food safety being two), in a slightly more bland rendition of a third Bush term.

Tax Cuts: The Real End Game Is In The House

Posted 12.05.2010 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- While the public focus of the Great Tax Battle remains riveted on the U.S. Senate, top Democratic insiders are privately worried about t...

Obama Channels Reagan, and Risks Becoming Carter

Posted 12.07.2010 | Politics

By staking his next two years on hundreds of billions of dollars of new or renewed tax cuts, Obama is alienating his own Democratic base in a way that could make him what Carter was: a one-term, ineffective "outsider" president. Back when he was a presidential candidate, Obama expressed surprising admiration for Reagan's game-changing, tax-cutting presidency. Maybe he's just been backed -- or backed himself -- into a Reaganite corner, but after the sweeping tax deal the president just made with Republicans, I'm wondering if he hadn't meant more than we thought at the time.

The Clinton Crew Takes Over

Posted 12.09.2010 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The tax-bill fight is revealing a crucial fact about President Obama's new, post-"shellacking" White House: it is increasingly being run...

'Democrat' Is No Longer A Brand

Posted 12.14.2010 | Politics

According to B-school gurus, a company must create and vigilantly protect a clear, coherent message about itself if it wants to thrive in the word-of-mouth shark tank. From logo to language to logistics, it all must be of a piece. Consistency matters. A concise identity counts. Which got me thinking about the Democrats. As the lame duck tax debate slogs towards its inevitable conclusion, I'm wondering: what does the brand "Democrat" mean? If anything.

Tax Bill: Now It's The Tea Party's Turn

Posted 12.14.2010 | Politics

WASHINGTON - Not to be outdone by their liberal counterparts, conservatives are working themselves into a state of dismay over what they disparagingly...

Tea Party Era Begins With Refusal To Debate 'Omnibus' Spending Bill

Posted 12.16.2010 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The new, more Republican Congress won't arrive in town until next month, but the Tea Party Era unofficially began on the Hill Thursday n...

Obama vs. The 'Tear Down Congress'

Posted 12.21.2010 | Politics

WASHINGTON — As Congress and the president prepare to leave town for Christmas, comparisons to LBJ and FDR are in the air — or at least in...

Obama's Got (Found) Game

Posted 12.22.2010 | Politics

WASHINGTON - People who play basketball with Barack Obama say he's more dogged than flashy, more determined than skillful, more adaptable than unique....