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Entries by Howard Steven Friedman from 02/2011

Bloomberg's Gun Show Theatrics

| Posted 02.01.2011 | Politics

Can Bloomberg argue that his undercover investigation at an Arizona gun show was anything more than a taxpayer-funded vacation/publicity stunt?

Does the State of the Union Address Put Our Nation at Risk?

| Posted 02.01.2011 | Politics

There are so many things to react to in the president's speech, so I'll separate my comments out into different posts. The State of the Union Address...

Obama "Disappointed With the Intelligence Community"

| Posted 02.06.2011 | Politics

While the different agencies will now scramble to prove which one did or didn't drop the ball in an endless game of pass the buck, a pattern of intelligence failure needs to be addressed.

South Sudan Reminds Us What It Takes to Become a New Nation

| Posted 02.09.2011 | World

Recently created countries remind us that there are no special requirements in terms of physical size, population or economic strength in order to become an independent country.

Egypt's Beauty

| Posted 02.11.2011 | World


Google Ranking the Presidents

| Posted 02.21.2011 | Technology

We find that the Google rankings of presidents corresponds very well to historians' rankings.

Familiar Recipe Cooking Once Again

| Posted 02.22.2011 | Politics

We've tasted this recipe before. A crisis is created. Panic is fomented by politicians, pundits, media, business and others. "Something must be don...

Balancing the Budget, Looking for Simple Answers

| Posted 02.28.2011 | Politics

To cut costs you need to trim the big ticket items. Unfortunately, serious discussions about the budget and dramatic actions aren't going to raise re-election coffers or make politicians popular.