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Entries by Howard Steven Friedman from 04/2011

If the Government Shuts Down, Will Anyone Notice?

| Posted 04.05.2011 | Politics

For those who want to prove that the government is oversized, the limited impact of a short-term shutdown might be used as powerful evidence.

Bloodletting Taxes -- Myths and Facts

| Posted 04.07.2011 | Business

There is no reason to believe that moving America's marginal tax rate down from 35% to 30% or even 25% will stimulate growth.

Don't Negotiate When You Are Not in a Negotiation

| Posted 04.08.2011 | Politics

While it would be refreshing to see The Great Compromiser inform the Republican Party that he won't sign any declarations of war against American's middle class and poor, I wouldn't bet on it unless his pollsters tell him it will help his 2012 odds.

Iceland's Beauty in the Spring

| Posted 04.13.2011 | Travel

2011-04-13-ice.jpgWe celebrate Iceland's spring thaw with these photos of waterfalls, geysers and craters.

10 Largest Economies in the World

| Posted 04.15.2011 | World

The ten largest national economies in the world comprise nearly 70% of the entire world's economy.

5 Religions With The Most Followers

| Posted 04.25.2011 | Religion

Religions have shaped much of world history and thought, from philosophy to law, from music to architecture, from wars to peace. Much of the world's religions can be traced back to two sources: Abrahamic religions or India.

Comparing Lives: My Grandparents Versus Today's Power Couple

| Posted 04.29.2011 | Healthy Living

While many things have changed over the last couple of generations, human nature has stayed constant including the desire that people have for self-worth, love, happiness and freedom.