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Entries by HuffPost Radio from 05/2009

KCRW's Left Right & Center: Souter, Specter and Swine Flu

| Posted 05.02.2009 | Politics

Well, if there's news containing an "s" word, it's likely included in our latest show - a lively round up of lots of news.

Left, Right & Center: From Stress Tests to Jack Kemp

| Posted 05.09.2009 | Politics

Alert the media -- banks need money! Who's stressed and who's reassured by the government's test of the banks' capitalization? Plus we remember Jack Kemp.

Left, Right & Center: Pelosi; Obama on Gitmo; Financial Reforms; Health Care

| Posted 05.15.2009 | Huffington Post

Pelosi twists and turns on what she knew about the CIA's methods and when she knew it. How will this affect Obama's legislative agenda?

Left, Right & Center: Obama VS. Cheney On Detainees And California In Chaos

| Posted 05.22.2009 | Politics

Obama and Cheney dueling speeches but is being against torture a left-right issue? And as the economy continues to slide, California suffers a severe budget crisis.

Left, Right & Center: Sotomayor, North Korea and GM

| Posted 05.30.2009 | Politics

Is Sonia Sotomayor a judicial activist? A racist? Is empathy a good or bad thing in a judge? Should the court lead or follow society's direction?