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Entries by Ian Millhiser from 02/2009

By Trap or By Trick: How Corporations Break the Law and Get Away With It

| Posted 02.11.2009 | Politics

If the business lobby succeeds in blocking the Arbitration Fairness Act, it will be a tragedy not just for women like Debbie Dantz, but for thousands of victimized Americans.

It's Not Just EFCA: Banks Spend TARP Funds on Anti-Consumer Lobbying

| Posted 02.17.2009 | Politics

The banking industry has continued a massive anti-consumer lobbying campaign, even as it took hundreds of billions of dollars in TARP funds to stave off insolvency.

Justice Scalia Took Away Our Health Care; It's Time For Congress to Fight Back

| Posted 02.20.2009 | Politics

If insurers know that they are free to deny lifesaving but expensive coverage to their customers, they have no reason to keep their promises to sick patients.

Former Business Lobbyist Denied Important DOJ Role

| Posted 02.25.2009 | Politics

Obama's decision will serve as a cautionary tale to other talented individuals who, despite progressive accomplishments, are tempted to work in support of practices as abusive as binding mandatory arbitration.