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Entries by Ian Welsh from 08/2007

Jose Padilla, nee Winston Smith, Found Guilty

| Posted 08.17.2007 | Politics
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What can be more telling than that Jose Padilla thought a civilian trial shouldn't occur - because it was unfair to George Bush? That detail, to me, ...

Reaping What You Sow: Hedge Fund and Housing Bubble Edition

| Posted 08.20.2007 | Business
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Bernanke won't cut rates to save normal people, but he will bail out the rich. And if it's a choice between inflation and keeping the rich rich, well, he's made his choice.

Why Japan Is Eating America's Lunch On Broadband

| Posted 08.31.2007 | Media

Americans like to think that they are the most technically advanced nation in the world, but except in military affairs, and perhaps biotech, that's generally not the case.