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Entries by Irene Rubaum-Keller from 07/2008

What Is Your Calorie Budget?

| Posted 07.07.2008 | Healthy Living

Do you know how many calories you should be eating each day? Most people don't. Use this formula to find out.

They Are Called Eating Habits for a Reason

| Posted 07.14.2008 | Healthy Living

If you want to change your eating habits, or some of them, start by writing down everything you eat and drink. You can't get your food and weight under control until you pay attention.

6 Tips to Conquer Emotional Eating

| Posted 07.22.2008 | Healthy Living

Many of us eat when we are bored, angry, tired, happy, sad, excited, anxious, frustrated, etc. We eat to reward ourselves and to comfort ourselves. Wouldn't it be great if we could find better solutions?

Why Are You Overweight?

| Posted 07.29.2008 | Healthy Living

When I ask people why they are overweight, the first and most common answer is, "I don't know." I often notice a huge disconnect between the question, the factual answer, and the common responses.