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Entries by Jackson Williams from 09/2007

Did You Hear the One About the Warheads That Got Away?

| Posted 09.05.2007 | Politics

Try and imagine the hue and cry from Republicans if the past seven years of across-the-board incompetence had occurred under a Democratic president. It would be deafening.

New Film and Bremer Confirm: Bush Deceives on Disbanding Iraqi Army

| Posted 09.06.2007 | Politics

It appears Bush has now begun ordering up a rewrite of history because his decisions were so wrong and have led to years of death and destruction.

Mark Twain's Wisdom Meets 9/11

| Posted 09.13.2007 | Politics

We were all shell-shocked, of course, but 9/11 didn't "change everything," and it wasn't inevitable, either. Those who say so merely seek to justify the continuing fiasco.

Bush Oil Buddies Divvy Up Iraq (Money Doesn't Talk, It Swears)

| Posted 09.21.2007 | Politics

Shouldn't this new Hunt Energy and oil-production sharing connection pique the interest of the people and our free press?

Mormons and The Media: Warren Jeffs vs. Mitt Romney

| Posted 09.27.2007 | Media

Sex sells, and thus the only thing CNN covers, the only thing the general public knows, is the salacious stuff. There is so much more.

Meet Clarence Thomas, Self-Loather

| Posted 09.29.2007 | Politics

Racial preferences helped get him in the door of Yale, but they damn sure didn't take his classes or take his exams or pass the bar for him. He had to do that on his own, even if his skin color were green.