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Entries by Jacob M. Appel from 11/2009

Health "Insurance": A Criminal Enterprise

| Posted 11.01.2009 | Politics

I have little doubt that the day will soon arrive when the CEOs of health "insurers" are dragged before Congress to face the same sort of interrogation to which the Waxman Hearings subjected Big Tobacco in the 1990s.

Beyond Guantanamo: Torture Thrives in Connecticut

| Posted 11.16.2009 | Politics

In the case of Coleman v. Lantz, Connecticut has argued for the right to force feed a hunger-striking inmate in an excruciatingly painful manner.

What's So Wrong with "Death Panels"?

| Posted 11.22.2009 | Politics

We have witnessed public controversy over claims that end-of-life counseling provisions amount to "death panels." That doesn't mean that there is no role for ethics panels to determine that some patients are beyond medical hope.

The Rom Houben Tragedy And The Case For Active Euthanasia

| Posted 11.24.2009 | Politics

If one believes that the prevention of suffering may sometimes justify the withdrawal or withholding of care, then the very fact that Houben was conscious for twenty-three years might call more convincingly for such action.