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Entries by Jamal Dajani from 06/2008

Jerusalem: Can Obama Walk the Walk?

| Posted 06.06.2008 | Politics

For Obama, who prides himself on being a candidate for change, perhaps for a change he should stop pandering to interest groups and take a hard look at the facts on the ground.

Ahmadinejad Calls Bush's Nuclear Bluff

| Posted 06.13.2008 | Politics

If people are lamenting over gas prices approaching five dollars, I guarantee you that they will top off $10.00 at the pump and more than $200 a barrel within hours of an attack on Iran.

"Appeasement" Israeli Style

| Posted 06.20.2008 | Politics

On the surface, a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas and a prisoner swap deal between Hezbollah and Israel provide a glimmer of hope for a period of tranquility between the conflicting parties.

The Year of the Taliban

| Posted 06.27.2008 | Politics

Since the invasion of Afghanistan, the Taliban have been getting stronger day by day. Now midway into 2008, all indications lead us to believe that the balance seems to be tilting in their favor.