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Entries by Jamal Dajani from 09/2008


| Posted 09.05.2008 | Politics

Patriotism and "Country First" have become the theme for John McCain's campaign. Several speakers, including the Republican nominee himself, John McCa...

Seven Years Post 9-11: Are We Safer?

| Posted 09.11.2008 | Politics

There is still no real effective way to combat terrorism. Al Qaeda exists in places it never has been in before like Iraq, Algeria and Somalia. Bush's War on Terror has failed.

Israel's October Surprise?

| Posted 09.19.2008 | Politics

It's been several months since a war of words erupted between Iran and Israel, raising speculations that a possible Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear f...

What Bush Won't Tell You

| Posted 09.24.2008 | Business

$700 billion is not going to be enough according to many experts. Tonight Bush will not tell the U.S. taxpayer that America is also drowning in debt to countries such as China.

Bush's Laundry List

| Posted 09.26.2008 | Politics

In January, Obama or McCain will inherit a bankrupt treasury and trillions of dollars of debt. But just as troubling is Bush's laundry list of Middle East issues that remain a threat to U.S. national security.