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Entries by James Boyce from 06/2005

If I am by Myself in the Woods and Actually Have an Idea, Can I Still be a Democrat?

| Posted 06.01.2005 | Politics
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How often have we sat there as some conservative wag has shrugged their shoulders and said “Well, maybe the Democrats will come up with an idea of their own instead of just criticizing the President’s vision.” I have recently discovered why they are able to do this so effectively. The Democrats don’t have any ideas.

Opportunity Knocking For All Democrats: Cheney and Republicans in Their Last Throes of Credibility

| Posted 06.02.2005 | Politics
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It's time for Democrats to carpe their manhood and start hitting Dick Cheney on his claim that the Iraqi insurgency is in its "last throes." (Did any prominent Democrat cry bullshit on this? Not that I heard.)

Here Come the Republicans to Save the Day. In Iraq.

| Posted 06.08.2005 | Politics
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I’m not psychic but I can tell you what’s going to happen in Iraq. Because while I can’t see the future, I’ve gotten better at looking in the rear view mirror. If you study George Bush’s policy reversals, you’ll see that they are so dramatic and quick, they end up working for him. He comes across as decisive as he goes from dumb to dumber and a good portion of America applauds. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. And it just might be Karl Rove’s greatest strength.

Dear John: An Open Letter To John Kerry

| Posted 06.21.2005 | Politics
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Dear John: I saw some pretty amazing things during the year I spent on your campaign....but the most remarkable was when I watched George Butler's film “Going Up River” and saw you, just over thirty years ago, in black and white and with utter conviction and clarity, asking the unanswerable: "How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?"

The Light of Day

| Posted 06.24.2005 | Huffington Post

The women who died serving in the Marines today will be flown home to the country they died defending in the dark of the night. Or they will land on military bases closed to media. They will be slipped back into the country in the shadows, for few if any to see. It's an absolute disgrace. We can disagree with the war; why we're there and how the hell we get out. But every single man and woman who dies serving this country deserves to return to it in the light of day.