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Entries by James Boyce from 10/2005

Moved On. The Email Era Is Over.

| Posted 10.05.2005 | Politics
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Generals always get accused of preparing to fight the last war. In progressive and Democratic circles, the equivalent is the current obsession with sending out emails.

The Quest For The Anti-Hillary Begins

| Posted 10.12.2005 | Politics
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Millions of Democrats will think of last time, when they voted with their heads not their hearts, when they went with the safe candidate, the one they were sure could beat Bush but didn't

Why The Video iPod Has DC Consultants Shaking In Their Gucci's.

| Posted 10.17.2005 | Politics
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The campaign that controls the next wave of communication developments in 2008 will win again. The only question is: what are they?

Hell No. We Can't Let Cheney Go.

| Posted 10.25.2005 | Politics
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I think Dick Cheney is evil. Pure, cold-blooded evil. But I desperately want him to be the VP for the next three years.

Will The Real John Kerry Stand Up Today?

| Posted 10.26.2005 | Politics
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I got a press advisory from Kerry's Senate office about a speech today, a "major speech" on foreign policy. After so many false starts on this, I wonder if the real John Kerry will show up today.

The Legend of Cowboy George, Brought to You by Deputy Democrats

| Posted 10.28.2005 | Politics
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Myths, legends and reputations are powerful things. Once established as common knowledge or conventional wisdom, they are shatteringly hard to overcom...