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Entries by James Boyce from 08/2006

Blood In The Water: Swiftboating NeoNuts To Launch Attack On John Murtha Tomorrow

| Posted 08.02.2006 | Huffington Post

The lesson the right wing wants to teach us is that if you stand up and disagree, if you voice your opinion, no matter how valid it may be, you will be attacked.

Blood In The Water? Yes. Ours? Nope.

| Posted 08.03.2006 | Politics
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A funny thing happened on the way to John Murtha's crucifixion by the neo-nuts.

In Defense of Hillary

| Posted 08.07.2006 | Politics
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Who does a poll in July/August of 2006 only on Hillary Clinton and only focusing on her negatives? Someone paid for the poll. Who? I don't know. I contacted ARG and haven't heard back.

Lamont's Campaign: How DC And The MSM Will FUBAR The Lessons.

| Posted 08.08.2006 | Politics
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We don't want Democrats who can break bread with Republicans, we need Democrats who will cut their opponents balls off and serve them back to them on a platter.

Lamont 52% Lieberman 48% (81% Precincts Reporting)

| Posted 08.08.2006 | Politics
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Posted within the last ten minutes by the Hartford Courant, with 9.2% of the precincts reporting, Ned Lamont has a 13% lead. UPDATE: with 14% reporti...

Can I Ask A Dumb Question? What's An Islamic Fascist?

| Posted 08.11.2006 | Huffington Post

"The Islamo-fascists are fighting us on an asymmetrical, global battlefield that spans from Baghdad to Pakistan to Indonesia to the streets of London....

Senator Lieberman: Why Would You Let A Republican 527 Attack Group Work For You?

| Posted 08.16.2006 | Politics
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Not only are Republicans working for him and giving him money, the worst form of slime in American politics today has slithered its way into Connecticut politics.

George Allen: Racist? Check. Swiftboating Draft Dodger? Double Check.

| Posted 08.17.2006 | Politics
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So what do you do if you're a Republican who didn't serve in the military and you're running against a Democrat who did serve his country with distinction and honor?

George Allen's Latest Pile Of Maccaca: Paul Galanti

| Posted 08.30.2006 | Politics
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The man hand-picked by Allen to head his Vets For George group, probably should be kept away from the female veterans in Virginia.