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Entries by James Boyce from 01/2008

2008: The Information Age Continues To Revolutionize Politics. For The Better.

| Posted 01.01.2008 | Politics

The constant access to information, video, and more will leave us with more real leaders and less Romneys.

My Comment From Iowa? There Are A Lot Of People Commenting From Iowa

| Posted 01.02.2008 | Politics

So I am that special kind of Iowa frozen, there is something about the cold here, the way the wind blows down the plains I guess, cold, cold, cold. I...

170,000 In Iraq. 170,000 In Iowa.

| Posted 01.03.2008 | Politics

I have been frustrated by Democrats who say they want to end the war, and then support a candidate who doesn't really have a plan to end the war.

MoveOn And The League: Helping Youth Voters Continue To Grow

| Posted 01.04.2008 | Politics

An amazing new Facebook application that just went up is not just an online primary of Facebook users but has many ways to continue to involve young voters in the political process, researching issues and seeing what their friends think.

Hillary Shows Her Political Age.

| Posted 01.05.2008 | Politics

Nothing showcases the clear lunacy of a legacy campaign more than the email Hillary Clinton sent out on Thursday night to her supporters.

Watching The Debate? Here's The Site.

| Posted 01.05.2008 | Politics
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Sitting here with Slutsky's and Adam Conner from Facebook, check this out: the official Facebook site for very night, very cool.

Hillary Sends A Great Email

| Posted 01.09.2008 | Politics

After she lost Iowa, Hillary's Campaign sent one of the worst emails I have ever seen, out of touch and just terrible. Today, she sent a great email.

New Hampshire: The Polls Were Right And The Clinton Campaign Kicked Some Kumbaya.

| Posted 01.09.2008 | Politics

The polls were conducted on January 4th, 5th and 6th. But what those throwing mud at pollsters and pundits are missing is a calendar - the election was on the 8th.

Thank You, Bill Richardson

| Posted 01.16.2008 | Politics

Richardson didn't win the race, but perhaps he won something far more important: the war.

Will Yogurtgate Destroy Nancy Pelosi As Democratic Corruption Charges Heat Up Capitol Cafeteria?

| Posted 01.18.2008 | Politics

Thank God for Republican aides who were good enough to dig into frankly what is the most shocking example of corruption in the history of the U.S. Congress.

Now That Barack is No Longer the Anointed One, Will He Fight or Fold?

| Posted 01.22.2008 | Politics

More and more the campaign is about Barack's personality and just like Edwards in 2004, another David Axelrod creation, personality alone doesn't win the White House.

Deadblogging The Republicans

| Posted 01.25.2008 | Politics

The Republican Party is built on the premise that the wealthiest of the wealthy need to get wealthier and damn the rest.

Rudy Giuliani: A Failure On 9/11 and A Failure Now

| Posted 01.29.2008 | Politics

Hats off to everyone who chipped away at the veneer of Giuliani's credibility to expose the arrogant incompetence that rages within him.

What Is A Blog? Turnout

| Posted 01.31.2008 | Media

This presidential cycle is about new media, new thinking, a new world and new opportunities.