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Entries by James Boyce from 05/2008

You Own It -- You Broke It

| Posted 05.02.2008 | Politics

While Democrats refuse to acknowledge, act ,or even pretend that they are the majority on Capitol Hill, Republicans remember what it was like.

The Single Hardest Thing For Candidates To Understand

| Posted 05.08.2008 | Politics

The single hardest thing for any candidate to understand is that the consultant class that rules the legacy side of the Democratic party are, as a group, absolutely incompetent.

Have A Great Day! (18 Veterans Will Kill Themselves Today)

| Posted 05.13.2008 | Politics

Eighteen men and women a day, that's what we're averaging, some days may be light, maybe today will be a light one. There are more kids dying here than in Iraq.

Annoying HuffPost Trend: Elected Democrats Posting On What's Wrong In Washington

| Posted 05.15.2008 | Politics

If elected Democrats have a complaint about oh, say corruption in Iraq, they should speak with the people in charge of the purse strings. That would be the Democrats.

Barack And His Shadow: Should He Appoint A Shadow Cabinet Now?

| Posted 05.29.2008 | Politics

We can contrast Secretary of State Rice with any number of Democrats who are better, smarter and more sophisticated. How about Secretary of Veterans Affairs? I vote for Max Cleland.