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Entries by James Boyce from 10/2008

What's Up at NewsLadder: Alternet's 10 Biggest Differences Between Barack Obama and John McCain

| Posted 10.17.2008 | Media

The mainstream media doesn't regurgitate McCain's claim that he would balance the budget in four years like a statement of fact, because the swarm of blogging fact checkers wouldn't allow it.

This Holiday Season, Please Shop Wisely

| Posted 10.22.2008 | Healthy Living

At the same time holiday shopping spending is expected to contract, the need to help others in this climate is becoming staggering.

Four Years Later, Great Ideas Are Going Direct To Voter.

| Posted 10.23.2008 | Media

One place where I see a massive difference between now and 2004 is the explosion of direct to voter video. Great messaging on behalf of our candidate is not just coming from his campaign but from an explosion of sources.

What's Up At NewsLadder: Salon's "Another Nightmare Election In Florida?"

| Posted 10.24.2008 | Media

As people are focusing more and more on November 4th, there is some concern about how the voting will actually go that day. In the United States, there are two great political issues, money and counting votes.

The 35,000,000 Visitor Question This November 4th

| Posted 10.28.2008 | Media

When the votes are counted next Tuesday, this site and many others like it, deserve a share of the applause and a mention in everyone's victory speech.

Know A Conservative That Needs Some Changing?

| Posted 10.29.2008 | Politics

The time to go one on one with your friends in Swing States is right now. In the past, this might have meant a quick phone call but now, it means sending an email with some of the remarkable content that is out there.

What's Up At NewsLadder: Salon's "How Obama Might Just Win Ohio."

| Posted 10.31.2008 | Media

Friday at noon is when I check on NewsLadder and see what the top story is. Over the past month, we've had a remarkably successful run with the John M...