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Entries by James Boyce from 05/2010


| Posted 05.03.2010 | Impact

In the midst of the collective sadness about the situation and the devastation in the Gulf, tonight in New York City, there will be a moment, a bright...

What's Up With the Rainforest: United States has higher percentage of forest loss than Brazil

| Posted 05.03.2010 | Green

We can't allow the constant reminders of the damage we have done to our planet overshadow the fact that we still have the chance to prevent the past f...

Throw A Brick At Mom This Mother's Day.

| Posted 05.05.2010 | Impact

What's a more thoughtful present for Mom this Mother's Day than a brick? Not just any brick, mind you, but a daub brick. Imagine the tears in her eye...

Tin Ear Republicans Launch Energy Response Team

| Posted 05.06.2010 | Green

As the greatest domestic environmental disaster of this generation unfolds in the Gulf of Mexico, with no end in sight, the GOP has taken the extraordinary step of deciding that now is the time to remind people we need to do MORE offshore oil drilling.

Love, Death And The Hardest Mother's Day Of All

| Posted 05.07.2010 | Impact

This Mother's Day, my first thoughts will be of the mother of young Yeardley Love, who was recently killed in a horrific act of domestic violence.

Evidently You Should Put A Cork In It.

| Posted 05.13.2010 | Impact

Yesterday in New York City, I had the chance to speak at a conference sponsored by The Rainforest Alliance on "Sustainability And Social Media." It wa...

You Talked the Talk. Now Let's Walk the Walk.

| Posted 05.13.2010 | Politics

As BP pumps thousands of barrels of toxic oil into the Gulf of Mexico every day, the threat our dependence on fossil fuels holds should be clearer now...

What's Up With the Rainforest: Collapsing biodiversity is a 'wake-up call for humanity'

| Posted 05.14.2010 | Green

The global community has been sent a series of wake-up calls lately: the environmental crisis spilling into the Gulf of Mexico, unprecedented droughts...

Tee For One.

| Posted 05.18.2010 | Sports
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As the days grow longer, one of my favorite times to play golf alone begins to shape up, late Sunday afternoons, early evenings actually, with the sha...

Richard Blumenthal. Campaigning Like It's 1999.

| Posted 05.18.2010 | Politics

Politics doesn't have many rules. You can get away with just about anything. Being a hypocrite usually does you in. As does, and I think Richard Blumenthal will get to this eventually, claiming to have a fought a war you didn't actually fight in.

Roman Polanski and the Celebration of Rape and Violence

| Posted 05.19.2010 | Entertainment

Could Yeardley Love have been saved? Yes. But not till we, as a society, say no more. Not until we hold everyone, celebrities and non-celebrities alike accountable for their actions and for their despicable acts.

One Month After The Oil Spill, It's Time To Act.

| Posted 05.20.2010 | Politics

One month ago today the Gulf Oil Spill disaster took place. It's been a month where all of the good and bad of the debate on clean energy and our coun...

Collective Failure. Singular Opportunity.

| Posted 05.25.2010 | Green

As every day passes, the evidence of our collective failure washes up on the beaches of the Gulf, and deeper and deeper into the marshes of Louisiana. To call Washington's reaction "pathetic" would be kind.