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Entries by James Boyce from 09/2010

Americans Don't Burn Books

| Posted 09.07.2010 | Politics

Enough of Progressives and Democrats who engage in these debates rather than attack these bigoted racist hypocrites. Enough of the hate-mongers getting all the attention and press.

McConnell Opens The November Window For Democrats.

| Posted 09.13.2010 | Politics

Make the Republicans filibuster and defend their tax cuts for the wealthy all day every day for the next seven weeks and maybe, just maybe there will be a window for the Democrats.

The Democracy Diet

| Posted 09.14.2010 | Politics

It doesn't take a doctor to look around and see that our body politic is not healthy. We've been gorging on too much corporate cash, and special inte...

When Obama Called Mike Castle

| Posted 09.21.2010 | Politics

From coast to coast, from the grassroots and the netroots up, the message is clear: DC is a disaster for both parties. The point is hard to argue; if you are from DC, you are in trouble.

Introducing -- One Step Better Than Reusing Your Hotel Towels.

| Posted 09.24.2010 | Travel

If we really want to make a difference while we travel, we need to make better, more informed choices. Real sustainable travel is about more than reusing towels, turning off lights and hotel recycling programs. These days, it has to be.