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Entries by James Heffernan from 09/2009

Roadblocking the Ambulance of Health Care Reform

| Posted 09.05.2009 | Politics

While the right conjures up the specter of government "death panels," an estimated twenty thousand Americans are dying every year because they can't afford health insurance.

Why Obama Should Have Been Lying

| Posted 09.12.2009 | Politics

Handicappers who rate this episode a win for Obama overlook the fact that what the president said should have been false. If your parents are illegal, says the bill, we don't care how sick you get, or even if you die.

How to Cut the Cost of Medicare While Improving its Quality

| Posted 09.14.2009 | Huffington Post

Now that the public option for health insurance has been all but jettisoned from the health care reform ship that is tacking and veering its way throu...