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Entries by James Love from 07/2007

Five Reasons why Ann Coulter Doesn't Like John Edwards

| Posted 07.01.2007 | Politics
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Here are a few possibilities, along with some words of comfort for Ann Coulter.

Kazakhstan to buy stake in Westinghouse?

| Posted 07.07.2007 | Business
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Maybe someone should give government officials in the US a link to wikipedia's entry on Kazakhstan, and ask why this country should have so much nuclear technology.

Nuclear Proliferation as a Campaign Issue

| Posted 07.08.2007 | Politics
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How did a country like Kazakhstan get an approval (if the approval has actually been given yet) from the US government to acquire nuclear technology from Westinghouse?

Wisdom of Selling a Piece of Westinghouse to Kazakhstan

| Posted 07.13.2007 | Business
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We truly know little about the future of Kazakhstan, a country that has not seen a democratic transition of power, and we should not risk a mistake.