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Entries by James Love from 10/2007

The Well-Connected Dictator

| Posted 10.06.2007 | Politics

While the butt of jokes in the movie Borat, Kazakhstan is more interesting and potentially important than many realize.

Sanders Bill Would Replace Drug Monopolies with Prizes

| Posted 10.20.2007 | Business

We pay far too much for new drugs, and don't get much in terms of innovation. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has a plan to change that, and many people think he is on the right track.

Senate Inhofe vs. Public Access to Government Funded Research

| Posted 10.22.2007 | Politics

Americans pay about $100 per capita to support the NIH (National Institute of Health), and deserve policies that promote access.

Seeking the Nomination, What Do Democrats Want?

| Posted 10.29.2007 | Politics

Rather than advertise toughness against a target like Hillary Clinton, show what you can do against a tough Republican.