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Entries by James Scarborough from 07/2010

"Leiris/Picasso," The Bootleg Theater

| Posted 07.02.2010 | Arts

Written and directed by David Jette for The Brimmer Street Theatre Company and staged at The Bootleg Theater, "Leiris/Picasso" is iconic and iconoclas...

Reviewed: I Am a Tree, The Lillian Theater at The Elephant Stages

| Posted 07.06.2010 | Arts

I Am a Tree, written and performed by Dulcy Rogers, is a revelatory tale of how our identities are constructed from the many branches of the family tree.

The Violet Hour, The Long Beach Playhouse Studio Theatre

| Posted 07.14.2010 | Arts

Once you understand why the first act of Richard Greenberg's "The Violet Hour," directed by Sharyn Case for the Long Beach Playhouse's Studio Theatre, took so long to set up, you realize how the structure of this fine show embodied its title.

Play Dates: Elephant Theatre Company

| Posted 07.20.2010 | Arts

Incisive and hilarious, Sam Wolfson's Playing Dates, directed by Jennifer Chambers at The Elephant Stages for Green Beetle Productions, suggests a "Whatever Happened To" update to the characters in Charles Schultz's Peanuts.

"Prelude to an Apocalypse: Landscape in an Era of Diminished Expectations," Pedersen Projects

| Posted 07.26.2010 | Arts

DER TAIFUN Wir wissen wann der Taifun kommt. Er ist noch nicht da, Aber der Nachbar Ist schon ohne Dach. -Ernst Wichert PLUTOT LA VIE Plutot la vi...