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Entries by James Zogby from 03/2011

Peter King Note: Islamophobia Can Create Radicalization

| Posted 03.05.2011 | Politics

Islamophobia and those who promote it are a greater threat to the United States of America than Anwar al Awlaqi and his rag-tag team of terrorists.

King Not Fit to Lead

| Posted 03.12.2011 | Politics

King's hearings weren't even a good example of "McCarthyism." They were a suborning of an important committee's resources to serve the chairman's obsession with America's Muslims.

Economic Roots of Bahrain's Crisis and a Needed Gulf Cooperation Council Response

| Posted 03.19.2011 | World

All too frequently these days, I am asked whether our past polling at Zogby International gave us any advance clues to the uprisings that have occurred in several Arab countries. The answer, of course, is no.

Libya, Congressional Critics and Lessons Not Learned

| Posted 03.26.2011 | Politics

GOP hawks may long for the day when America fashioned itself the "cowboy sheriff" or "the white knight on a charger," but what they forget is that Bush shot the horse and tarnished the knight's reputation.

CNN's "Unwelcome": A Welcome Examination of Intolerance in America

| Posted 03.26.2011 | Politics

The conflict in Murfreesboro, TN over whether or not to allow that town's Muslim community to build a new mosque is much more than a test of our natio...