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Entries by Jamie Court from 08/2010

There's No Privacy in Third World America

| Posted 08.10.2010 | Politics

Privacy and net neutrality are nearly perfect issues for the middle class to strike back at big tech for its latest betrayals because of the overwhelming support of public opinion for online privacy and net neutrality rights.

Obama's Victory Lap At Rush Hour Gridlocks Middle Class LA To Raise $1 Million For Congress

| Posted 08.17.2010 | Los Angeles

Gridlock is one thing in Washington, but in this unending recession voters can only stand so much in their own back yard. Obama's Los Angeles trip cost his party a lot more than it raised.

Will 'Progressives' Let Middle Class Burn to Prove Their Point?

| Posted 08.30.2010 | Politics

Progressives cannot afford to walk away from the suffering of the middle class to prove a point or make a case. Yet that's the type of talk I am hearing more and more from progressives as the midterm approaches.