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Entries by Jane Hamsher from 11/2008

Can We Please Have A Pro-Choice, Pro-Environment Secretary of State?

| Posted 11.06.2008 | Politics

The new Secretary of State will deal with whatever replaces the Kyoto agreement. Hagel has a 9% 2008 rating from the League of Conservation Voters. Lugar scores 18%. Are they really the best people for the job?

Reading the Lieberman Tea Leaves

| Posted 11.07.2008 | Politics

Sources indicate that Reid is not kicking Joe out yet because there are several Senate seats still to be decided. So what are Lieberman's options at this point?

Obama Wants Lieberman To Stay -- But At What Price?

| Posted 11.12.2008 | Politics

While it's one thing for Obama to forgive Lieberman for the gutter tactics that he engaged in on McCain's behalf, it's quite another to let the chairmanship of such an important committee serve as an olive branch.

Chinese Want To Buy the Big 3 Automakers

| Posted 11.19.2008 | Business

All the Shock Doctrine fanatics cheering to drive the the Big 3 into bankruptcy "restructuring," like Mitt Romney, might want to think about the implications of this.

Waxman Defeats Dingall, Blue Dogs Get Spanked

| Posted 11.20.2008 | Politics

This week the Senate voted to remain an exclusive club of self-protection and entitlement by letting Bush enabler Joe Lieberman keep his gavel, but the House has voted for progress.

Heckuva Bailout: Citi and AIG Will Still Pay Hundreds Of Millions In Sports Sponsorship

| Posted 11.24.2008 | Politics

Thank gawd A-Rod can still pick up the tabs for those spending sprees if he wants to get busy with Madonna. I was getting worried there for a minute.

Is Robert Rubin "Competent" Enough To Guide Team Obama?

| Posted 11.25.2008 | Business

Yes, it's incredible that nobody required Rubin and the board to resign as a condition of the Citibank bailout. But I tend to look at these final days as the BushCo crooks holding their final heist.

What Matthews Must Do To Beat Specter

| Posted 11.28.2008 | Politics

Employee Free Choice is becoming the new gay -- the issue that wingnuttia is whipping itself into a frenzy over. If Matthews is indeed exploring a run, he needs to quickly bone up on this issue.