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Entries by Janet Tavakoli from 05/2010

Fight Club: Ackman's Hedge Fund Vs. Wall Street's Ponzi Machine

| Posted 05.04.2010 | Business

If a corrupt scheme is "making money," everyone involved--from the culprits to the dupes--viciously attacks anyone who tries to expose it. Hedge fund manager Bill Ackman learned this lesson the hard way.

"Banging" the U.S. Stock Market

| Posted 05.10.2010 | Business

If everyone wants to stick to the story of "woe is us, we had no idea things could go this wrong," then fine. No one is in control; no one is in charge; and no one can competently regulate our current system.

Nassim Taleb Kills $20 Billion Mythical Swan, WSJ Crashes Credibility

| Posted 05.11.2010 | Business

Malfeasance, not models, disrupted the global economy, and Taleb still gets that part wrong. Black Barts imitating the gentleman highway robber -- not black swans -- caused most of the damage.

U.S. Recession Breeds Escalating Violent Crime

| Posted 05.25.2010 | Business

The Wall Street Journal reports that violent crime is down in the big cities in the U.S., saying this breaks the pattern between economic downturns and an increase in crime. It's more likely that the public is being lied to in a profound way.