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Entries by Janet Turley from 09/2010

Mad Men Season 4, Episode 6 -- Dissolving Identity and the Female Gaze

| Posted 09.01.2010 | Entertainment

Don, the ultimate charlatan, is imploding under his identity crisis. He's so drunk throughout most of the episode that he becomes unconscious of his actions.

Mad Men Season 4, Ep 7 -- The Courtship of Don and Peggy

| Posted 09.07.2010 | Entertainment

We're about halfway through Season 4 and "The Suitcase" focuses on the show's most functional couple -- Peggy and Don. And of course when the episode...

Mad Men Season 4, Ep 8: Battle of the Blondes

| Posted 09.14.2010 | Entertainment

After a season half-full of being a self-pitying, fall-down drunk, Don's turning a new leaf, becoming reflective and relatively sober, joining a gym, and 'seeing' a psychologist.

Mad Men Season 4, Ep 9: The Beautiful Girls

| Posted 09.21.2010 | Entertainment

As the title suggests, it's the ladies that drive this episode's plot. They range from young and rebellious, old and dead, or somewhere inbetween and ambivalent. "It's a business of sadists and masochists," Ida tells Peggy, "and you know which one you are."

Mad Men Season 4, Ep 10: "Get Rid of It"

| Posted 09.29.2010 | Entertainment

Even when Don's life appears to be settling into place, it's his own aversion to responsibility that threatens to turn it upside down.