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Entries by Janice Taylor from 04/2009

Star Jones: Addict, Depressed and Honest

| Posted 04.02.2009 | Healthy Living

Star was the only one who spoke of the psychological side of weight loss; the need to be coached through the various stages of weight loss; the need to connect to a new identity.

Kathy Ireland: Overweight, Overwhelmed

| Posted 04.03.2009 | Healthy Living

You were on the "downward spiral." You turned it around, got it together. You reached out to a nutritionally sound friend. Smart! Support is key! You are now on the "upward spiral."

Governor Paterson Declares War!

| Posted 04.13.2009 | Healthy Living

We can love our excess pounds away!

6 Ways to Flow Like Bo: Learn About Creativity and Joy from First Puppy Bo Obama

| Posted 04.16.2009 | Healthy Living

Bo Obama, the first puppy, rollicks on the White House lawn in a natural state of joy and exuberance with complete abandon; essentially in a constant state of Flow!

United Airlines: Double Your Fat, Double Their Pleasure

| Posted 04.21.2009 | Healthy Living

You penalize overweight people yet you offer no real healthy choices when distributing your peanuts, snack bars, and cookies. Why not offer fresh fruit?

Is Oprah Hypnotizing You?

| Posted 04.28.2009 | Healthy Living

Think about it...Is Oprah not the best and most master hypnotist ever? After all, when Oprah says, "This book will change your life. Buy it!" you do!