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Entries by Janine R. Wedel from 01/2010

Is The Government In Charge, Or Is It The Shadow Elite?

| Posted 01.07.2010 | Books

There was a time when Americans could have more confidence in the objectivity of the experts who advised government and pronounced on issues of vital importance.

For The Shadow Elite Failure Often Guarantees Future Rewards

| Posted 01.14.2010 | Books

Today's power brokers are still at the top of their game because they are said to "have the credentials." No matter that they are the credentials of a shadowy elite--and of failure.

Shadow Elite: Do You Know Whose Agenda You're Being Sold?

| Posted 01.21.2010 | Books

In the community of fewer than 2,000 in which I grew up, the proverbial six degrees of separation melt away. You can't help but play multiple roles in...

Shadow Elite: Did The Supreme Court Just Trash Democracy and the Free Market?

| Posted 01.28.2010 | Books

Far from sounding the bells of freedom, the Supreme Court has further imperiled government of the people, by the people, and for the people.