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Entries by Jared Bernstein from 06/2008

The Path Ahead

| Posted 06.01.2008 | Politics

Here is a list of problems we face as a nation, and solutions, guided by one insider's view of what we've learned over these last two terms which have been dominated by conservative ideology.

Memo to: The New President

| Posted 06.08.2008 | Politics

Now's the time for the big ideas: think universal health care, not tax credits. Think major infrastructure investment (both "green" and public), not tweaks to trade agreements.

Cutting Through The Fog

| Posted 06.15.2008 | Politics

The election debate is already off the rails, and misinformation is swirling like balloons at the convention. McCain says he's the big tax cutter and Obama's going to raise your taxes through the roof. That's not just a little bit wrong -- it's a lot wrong.

Infrastructure: Boring Word, Hot Topic

| Posted 06.22.2008 | Politics

I know, "infrastructure" sounds really unexciting, not nearly as cool as a Mars probe or as obviously essential as health care reform. But investing in roads, bridges, water systems, schools, and other public goods is a critical need, and one that won't be met by the private sector. What's more, it's got some real political currency right now. In the short run, infrastructure investment could offset the cyclical downturn we're in immediately, and replace the demand lost to the coming downturn in consumer spending.

Since Bad Government Costs the Same as Good, Let's Choose Good

| Posted 06.29.2008 | Politics

Under a McCain or any other modern conservative administration, it's not that there would be noticeably less government -- it's that there would be worse government.