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Entries by Jason Gelles from 01/2008

Life's Lengthy Instruction Manual: Chapter 4: Choosing your ATM PIN

| Posted 01.16.2008 | Healthy Living

If a hacker figures out your PIN and steals your identity, that's their problem: Let's see how much they enjoy being a 32-year-old Internet dater with a PEZ collection and $15k in student loans.

West Valley Geographic

| Posted 01.18.2008 | Comedy
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The "Target Effect" was originally discovered by a Scientologist missionary who later gained prominence with a co-starring role on Two and a Half Men.

"What's My Political Personality?" Democratic Edition

| Posted 01.22.2008 | Comedy
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Democratic Sensing (modern type: Sean Penn or Alec Baldwin): Thrive at balancing multiple tasks, like hiring illegal immigrant gardeners and then teaching them how to be more green.

Rate My Union

| Posted 01.29.2008 | Comedy
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Now that the president has spoken and we finally know the state of the union, only one question remains: How does the state of our union match up against that of other prominent unions?