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Entries by Jason Linkins from 06/2007

A Streetcar Named Rupert Murdoch

| Posted 06.01.2007 | Media
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At long last, it looks like the Bancrofts are going to finally going to get a room with Murdoch, and have a discussion about selling the Dow and the Wall Street Journal.

I Feel Stupid, and Contagious. Here We Are Now, Entertain Us!

Posted 06.01.2007 | Media

TV Newser is calling Diane Sawyer's GMA sit-down with Andrew Speaker, the peripatetic tuberculosis patient who ended up risking the health of people o...

Good News For People Who Make TV News

Posted 06.01.2007 | Media

Viewers Cross Borders to Watch Lou Dobbs Well, it looks like Lou Dobbs has basically earned the right to all "up in our newz, deescribin our leperz" b...

MTV Movie Awards: One Long Decepticon.

Posted 06.04.2007 | Media

First the good news. While they would have been marginally better off tuning into Wolf Blitzer and the Democratic candidate debate, the Youth of Amer...

When Things Get Sticky, Turn to the Wiki?

Posted 06.04.2007 | Media

This day and age, it seems that you are more likely to encounter someone who feels they haven't received a fair shake at the hands of the media than n...

Joe Scarborough Awkwardly Reminds Us Why MSNBC Has a Vacancy In the First Place.

Posted 06.04.2007 | Media

Last week, we related how things were looking up for Joe Scarborough as far as becoming the Don Imus' official morning-radio replacement. Good number...

David Gregory is the Man Who Wasn't There

Posted 06.05.2007 | Media

Someday, we hope that the good people who file White House Pool Reports receive the credit they are due for their contributions to the culture. In re...

Murdoch Has First Date With Bancrofts, Fails to Get to Second Base

| Posted 06.05.2007 | Media
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Yesterday, Rupert Murdoch got his audience with the reclusive Bancroft family, meeting over afternoon tea. If the summit inspired any activity, it was from the camp of Murdoch's detractors.

Bradbury Adds New Heat to Fahrenheit Discussion

| Posted 06.06.2007 | Media
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For decades, people have been reading Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 as a cautionary tale about the state-sponsored censorship of books. As it turns out, at least according to Bradbury, everyone who thought that was hopelessly wrong.

It's Official! "Tuberculosis Guy" is the New Dannielynn!

Posted 06.06.2007 | Media

Andrew Speaker, the infamously contagious jet-setting TB patient of a week ago, may have dodged a bullet where spreading his germs are concerned, but ...

Roger Ailes Will Have His Revenge On America

Posted 06.06.2007 | Media

Last night, speaking at Breindel Awards, Fox News honcho Roger Ailes took great pains to let the gathered audience know what a golly-darned patriotic ...

Wealthy Benefactor Lionizes Duke Lacrosse Team with Newspaper Ads.

Posted 06.06.2007 | Media

The Oklahoman today revealed the identity of the person behind several full-page advertisements that appeared in East Coast newspapers praising the Du...

Totally Bonkers Lede of the Week.

Posted 06.07.2007 | Media

The winner is...the East Texas Review, who begin their article, "Reverend Moon: the man, mission and movement," thusly: "Is there a greater icon for ...

This Day in Murdochiana: Jack Shafer is in a Glass Case of Emotion

Posted 06.07.2007 | Media

No emoticon currently exists to succinctly and exquisitely capture the feelings of Slate's Jack Shafer where Rupert Murdoch's ambitions to take over t...

Gretchen Carlson's Gag Reflex

Posted 06.07.2007 | Media

You know, your anchorpersons are only human, and this was never more evident than this morning, on Fox and Friends. As Steve Doocy tacked his way int...

BriWi and KaCo on PaHi: An Exegesis

Posted 06.08.2007 | Media

TV Newser, among others, invites the comparison between the actions of the news division at NBC and the actions of the news division at CBS and how th...

Through Wardrobe, Bono Demonstrates the Extent to Which the G8 Left a Bad Taste in His Mouth

Posted 06.08.2007 | Media

Jossip has preserved for posterity this CNN screengrab, documenting a moment that is very much newsworthy. Apparently, U2 lead singer Bono grew so up...

Insert Punny Paris Hilton Headline Here

Posted 06.09.2007 | Media

Well, now that our brief national nightmare, during which a frazzled country worried that Paris Hilton might benefit from a miscarriage (or at least a...

Today in Sports: Everybody Hates Bloggers

Posted 06.11.2007 | Media

The action on the diamond at this weekend's NCAA Baseball Tournament ended up sharing the stage with the two sides in another epic battle--new media v...

The Most Trusted Name In News' Website Even More Trusted Than the Most Trusted Name In News

Posted 06.11.2007 | Media

"I worry about CNN more than I do about" That's the quote from Time Warner CEO Richard Parsons, offered during a London media conference las...

'If I Did It': O.J. Holds Forth on Paris Hilton Coverage.

Posted 06.11.2007 | Media

It's official. Every county has now been heard from on the matter on how the media has covered the Paris Hilton case. Everyone thank Editor and Publ...

And Now You Are Deleted!

Posted 06.12.2007 | Media

The big news for everyone who likes to fret over the vagaries of the Associated Press Stylebook is that the 2007 version of the venerable guide has fi...

This Day In Murdochiana

Posted 06.12.2007 | Media

Writing for CNNMoney, Paul R. La Monica has deemed the ongoing three-way between Rupert Murdoch, the Bancroft family and whatever competitor officiall...

Media's Plan To Make Political Coverage Inescapable Slowly Coming To Fruition

| Posted 06.13.2007 | Media
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There's still about a year and a half of life to live before the presidential election. Yet, with each passing day, we get closer and closer to the grim media dystopia that is political content without end or relief.

B-Roll Follies Come to ABC News

Posted 06.14.2007 | Media

Hard on the heels of Fox News mistakenly deploying an image of John Conyers as a means of identifying William Jefferson, ABC News has had to apologize...