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Entries by Jason Linkins from 07/2007

iPhone Coverage Gives Non-Traditional Media a Chance to Shine

Posted 07.02.2007 | Media

If you happened to get your iPhone news from your evening newscast, here's what you were likely to have seen: long lines of people, spot interviews wi...

Joe Biden Thinks Obama is More Clean and Articulate than Ever

Posted 07.02.2007 | Media

Joe Biden may insist that the "press wants him in" the nomination race, but he continues to say the strangest things when he finds himself in their mi...

This Day In Murdochiana

Posted 07.03.2007 | Media

As Tom Waits might say, the smart money's on Rupert Murdoch coming away successful in his bid for Dow Jones, but for the moment, we've got nothing but...

An Awful Idea, Made Indescribably Worse

Posted 07.03.2007 | Media

Over a week ago, our beloved ETP editrix brought you word of the coming of the Obama Ringtones, correctly and summarily dismissed as "The Worst Idea E...

Online Futures Market Attempts to Guide Entertainment Industry to Success

Posted 07.05.2007 | Media

Any baseball fan understands the feeling: it's the seventh inning, the starting pitcher's looking shaky, and you've got a bad feeling. In your dugout...

Obstacles Remain in the Way of Tribune Deal

Posted 07.05.2007 | Media

Cheer up, Wall Street Journalers! In the world of waiting-to-see-how-a-big-media-mogul's-bid-for-your-company will-affect-your-future, you are not al...

Annals of Pool Reporting: A Plea for Access

Posted 07.05.2007 | Media

While covering the Clintons on the campaign trail in Iowa, pool reporter Patrick Healy attached this addendum to his report: "Please note: I asked th...

Did Murdoch Seal The Deal? Not So Fast...

Posted 07.06.2007 | Media

We had just finished getting our head wrapped around the news that broke in The Business this morning--that Rupert Murdoch and Dow Jones had agreed on...

TGIF@ETP: Awake and Sing!

Posted 07.06.2007 | Media

It's been such a festive week, what with Canada Day and America Day and all, that we can think of no better way to spend a Friday afternoon than celeb...

Scene: DC Bloggy Types Rock Out Together, Gawk at Matt Yglesias' iPhone

Posted 07.09.2007 | Media

An all local rock bill at DC's Black Cat seemed to bring the entirety of Washington, DC's interwebby commentariat together on a summery Friday night i...

Fluff and Spin: Washington Post Goes Gauzy for Hillary Funder

Posted 07.09.2007 | Media

Great lengths are taken to portray Bal Das as a publicity-shy, plainspoken advocate who eschews the limelight -- yet here he is, in a big ball of fuzz article in the Washington Post, giving photo copy like a pro.

Madonna's Instructions to the Press Border on Insane

Posted 07.09.2007 | Media

Most public figures don't appreciate being put under close scrutiny. Earlier this summer, Angelina Jolie made headlines after her handlers gave the m...

What A Surprise! Jonah Goldberg Hated Live Earth

Posted 07.10.2007 | Media

In the lede of Jonah Goldberg's surpassingly inane criticism of the Live Earth concerts, the author mocks a moment typical of just about all rock show...

This Day In Murdochiana: Notes From La Resistance

Posted 07.10.2007 | Media

Despite the fact that Rupert Murdoch's Dow Jones courtship has, at this point, the overarching look of something that's mostly a done deal, there rema...

'Post-Surge Redeployment' Boldly Pushes Iraq War Into the Post-Structuralist Era

| Posted 07.10.2007 | Media
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With a subtle turn of non-sensical jargon President Bush has bravely implanted our understanding of war firmly into the post-structuralist era. No wonder nothing we do in Iraq seems to make sense!

William Randolph Hearst's House for Sale! Sled Sold Separately.

Posted 07.12.2007 | Media

"The rich keep getting richer," says the L.A. Times, and that's a good thing: if you're interested in purchasing the former Beverly Hills abode of sto...

Straw Men At Play in the Fields of the Conservative Blogosphere

Posted 07.12.2007 | Media

Earlier this week, Tom Gross, writing for the National Review Online, did what any good blogger does--lend some voice to the sort of story that too often falls through the cracks of the mainstream media. Too bad he couldn't just leave well enough alone.

LiveEarth Garners Insane Online Traffic

Posted 07.13.2007 | Media

Was Live Earth a "green" success? Well, when you gauge the concert's impact in terms of total user participation, Live Earth's overall carbon footprint was substantially offset by those who watched the concert online.

Greatest. Lede. Ever.

Posted 07.13.2007 | Media

"Except for a tragic accident, the 35th annual Bath Heritage Days parade went off without a hitch." [h/t: Poynter] Related: 'One of the best parades...

Editor & Publisher Honors the Roanoke Times

Posted 07.13.2007 | Media

Editor and Publisher has been handing out the accolades of late, culling from the nation's papers their "10 That Do It Right," which they describe as ...

At Last: Jack Shafer has Moved on to "Acceptance"

Posted 07.13.2007 | Media

One day--and it will be soon, now, we think--Jack Shafer will be able to move on from carping about Rupert Murdoch and get back to doing what he loves...

What Kind of Day Has It Been?

Posted 07.17.2007 | Media

Check out the news today, as delivered to me, first thing in the morning, from the good people at Yahoo. Contextual aggregation is a glorious thing. ...

To Say Nothing of John Edwards' More Humane Stance on Dog Transportation

Posted 07.17.2007 | Media

Back in April, Eat The Press did its utmost to make sense of whatever it was Maureen Dowd thought she was saying about John Edwards and his now infamo...

From The Department of the Totally Obvious

Posted 07.17.2007 | Media

Yesterday, Alana Samuels of the Los Angeles Times filed a story titled "Virtual marketers have second thoughts about Second Life." If you do not know...

This Day In Murdochiana: Alea Iacta Est

Posted 07.18.2007 | Media

Well, depending on your point of view, our long national media nightmare is over or it is just beginning. Or both. Or, potentially neither.