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Entries by Jason Linkins from 10/2007

Media on Nomination Process: "Bored Now!"

Posted 10.04.2007 | Media

What's the clearest sign that the media is ready to dispense with the formality of the nomination process altogether?

Relax! To The Smooth Sounds of 'To Catch A Predator.'

Posted 10.04.2007 | Media

A week ago, I had the occasion to stop by the NBC Experience Store at Rockefeller Center, because I just felt like I hadn't had myself an NBC Experien...

Newbriefs, 10/4: Deleterious Obsessions

Posted 10.04.2007 | Media

Senate Committee Supports the Shield: By a 15-2 vote, the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced the Specter Schumer Lugar Dodd Leahy Bill, which affirm...

Matthews Rails Against Administration 'Criminality' at Hardball Fete

Posted 10.05.2007 | Media

Against the backdrop of the 10th anniversary soiree for MSNBC's Hardball, Chris Matthews offered up his own mini-Peter Finch moment.

Are You Experienced? Obama Attempts to Parry Clinton Meme in Iowa

Posted 10.05.2007 | Media

Barack Obama heads to Mason City, Iowa today, as part of a campaign offensive he's calling the "Experience and Judgement Tour," which, according to th...

Troubles On The Blogspots: Is Someone Plagiarizing Somebody Else?

Posted 10.05.2007 | Media

Make of this what you will, but I was reading Matt Taibbi's October 2nd article from Rolling Stone (which finds Taibbi "back on the campaign trail" with Fred Thompson--and, understandably, feeling "unhappy") today, and came upon a juicy paragraph.

NYT Misses True Nature of Clinton-Drudge Relationship

Posted 10.22.2007 | Politics

The New York Times's Jim Rutenberg takes a pass at those strangest of bedfellows -- Hillary Clinton and Matt Drudge. Unfortunately, he gets the real nature of their relationship wrong.

Nagourney Examines Candor, Seems Confused

Posted 10.22.2007 | Politics

"Do voters value candor?" That's the question posed by Adam Nagourney today in the New York Times. And in looking for examples of Candor Mattering, h...

BeckWatch: As Wildfires Burn, Beck Flames Victims

Posted 10.22.2007 | Media

Starting today we are going to be turning our attention to Glenn Beck and his outrageous verbiage. This is a bigger job than any one person can handle...

Right On Cue, God Assigned Credit For Wildfires

Posted 10.23.2007 | Politics

When we tuned in this morning, the thought occurred to me, "It's only a matter of time before one of our leading lights of religious extremism tells us that these wildfires are God's doing." And sure enough, Pat Robertson stepped up to deliver.

With Trippi, Your Mileage Will Vary

Posted 10.23.2007 | Politics

In today's Washington Post, Chris Cillizza takes stock in the effect that political consultant Joe Trippi has been having over at the Edwards campaign...

BeckWatch: The Gleefully Inane 'Hate America' Rationale

Posted 10.24.2007 | Politics

It's unbelievable that anyone would stoop low enough to insult those caught in the clutches of nature's fury, yet that is precisely what Glenn Beck, of the most trusted name in news, did.

Things We Lost In the Fire: 'Anti-Katrina' Efforts A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Posted 10.24.2007 | Politics

While he's yet to offer his amply-demonstrated brush-clearing skills to Californians in need, President Bush is bound and determined to make the California Wildfires the 'anti-Katrina.' At least that's what the wee-bit-late-to-the-story New York Times will have you believe.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Dana Perino Reveals The Awesome Benefits Of Global Warming

Posted 10.25.2007 | Politics

While White House Press Secretary Dana Perino may lack the showstopping musical theatre skills of her doppelganger, Kristin Chenoweth, she nevertheles...

Doddmentum Grows: Candidate Set For Full-Hour Meet The Press Appearance

Posted 10.25.2007 | Politics

Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT), whose candidacy has been galvanized in recent weeks by net roots support, will face a major new test this Sunday, the Huffingt...

Laura Bush Dons Hijab, Will Opprobrium Follow?

Posted 10.25.2007 | Politics

Yesterday, while, on tour in the Middle East raising breast cancer awareness (as well as working to "[restore] Washington's image in the region"), FLO...

The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Perino's Pseudo-Science Gets Frosted

Posted 10.26.2007 | Politics

Earlier this week, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino made heads spin when she claimed that climate change offered the prospect of health benefit...

Blackwater: Retail Warriors Buy Their Casualties at Wholesale

Posted 10.26.2007 | Politics

The Washington Post reported this week that the U.S. Embassy had begun "offering tens of thousands of dollars in payments to victims and families of v...

BeckWatch: Pink-Eyed View of Code Pink

Posted 10.27.2007 | Politics

As we've already seen, whenever CNN's Glenn Beck finds himself straining to maintain the surfeit on inanity his employers ask him to dispense, it's ok...

GOP Field Finally Agrees To YouTube Debate

Posted 10.29.2007 | Politics

CNN has announced that the GOP version of the Paradigm Shifting User Generated YouTube Debates That Will Forever Change the Face of Electoral Politi...

The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Perino Terms A Deliberate Attempt To Mislead The Press "An Error In Judgement"

Posted 10.29.2007 | Politics

On Friday, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino had to take up the issue of FEMA's decision to stage a Potemkin press conference on the agency's re...

Ahmad Chalabi Returns As Press Snoozes

Posted 10.29.2007 | Politics

Just in time for Halloween, one of our favorite Iraq war zombies has shambled back into view. Ahmad Chalabi is the one-time darling of the Bush admin...

FEMA Offers New Guidelines Governing Press Conferences That Look Suspiciously Like The Old Guidelines That Should Have Governed Press Conferences In The First Place

Posted 10.30.2007 | Politics

FEMA Administrator David Paulison, appropriately chastised by the "Anglo-Saxon" remarks of David Chertoff, wants you to know that he's sorry for the p...

The Gift That Keeps On Giving: The Anatomy Of Obfuscation

Posted 10.31.2007 | Politics

Remember how back on September 16, 2007, a bunch of mercenaries-for-hire from Blackwater Worldwide shot up Nisoor Square, killing 17 people? That the...

BeckWatch: Reclaiming The 'Four Freedoms'

Posted 10.31.2007 | Politics

What was Beck mainly concerned with? Invading Mexican armies that will steal guns, destroy Nativity scenes and foment a rebellion in Vermont. Or something. Really.