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Entries by Jason Linkins from 01/2008

Iowa Snapshot: Celebrated Mind-Changer Changes Mind Again

Posted 01.02.2008 | Politics

It seems hardly worth the effort to mount a conspiracy when the Iowa voters are making the case for irrelevancy so well themselves!

Campaign AdWatch: McCain Raises America's Terror Alert To Burnt Sienna

Posted 01.02.2008 | Politics

That whole "make a negative ad and then decide not to show your negative ad by telling people you aren't going to show your negative ad while simultan...

Hillary Clinton Welcomes Back Letterman With A Funny

Posted 01.02.2008 | Politics

"Dave has been off the air for eight long weeks because of the writers' strike. Tonight he's back. Oh well, all good things come to an end." That's...

Mike Huckabee Crosses Picket Lines For Tonight Show Appearance

Posted 01.03.2008 | Politics

Mike Huckabee joined Jay Leno tonight as his first guest back since the WGA went on strike. The two spoke about the Huck's sudden success, his past a...

Attack Of The Conventional Wisdom: Media Narrative Tilts Toward The Obvious

Posted 01.03.2008 | Politics

The fact that we have reached the zero hour is a great relief, if only because the media is running out of things to say.

Campaign AdWatch: Color Us Seduced!

Posted 01.03.2008 | Politics

Hillary Clinton's latest ad leads with a lot of bad news: we're at war, the economy is tanking, nobody has healthcare. But then something interesting...

Campaign AdWatch: Now Playing At The Rudy Giuliani Terrorporn Grindhouse

Posted 01.03.2008 | Politics

If you're like most Americans, then buried within the mists and cobwebs of your memory is the image of Rudy Giuliani. Remember him? Mayor of 9/11? ...

Fox Attacked: Richard Viguerie Labels FNC Turncoats Over Ron Paul Snub

Posted 01.03.2008 | Politics

The Fox News Channel has been drawing a steady stream of criticism for its decision to exclude Ron Paul from their planned January 6 debate in New Ham...

Media Punches Ticket Out Of Iowa, Leaves Storylines

Posted 01.04.2008 | Politics

As a blogger who doesn't work on Fridays, I was prepared to spend my Thursday night doing two things that Mitt Romney cannot do--namely, enjoying the ...

Bill O'Reilly Goes 5150 In Nashua, Unnerves Secret Service

Posted 01.05.2008 | Politics

Petulant celebrity blowhard Bill O'Reilly went nuthouse at an Obama rally earlier today, shoving an Obama aide while trying to get the Illinois Senato...

HuffPo's Official Liveblog of the Wyoming GOP Caucus

Posted 01.06.2008 | Politics

[The GOP Caucuses in Wyoming were held on Saturday. Political reporter Jason Linkins and National Editor Nico Pitney were on hand to liveblog the res...

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

Posted 01.06.2008 | Politics

Good morning, everyone. Iowa! New Hampshire! Horse race! Good God, y'all. We're in the sweet, dollopy thick of it now. Let's get on with this th...

McCain Offers A Few Minutes Of Thin Rationale To Back Up His Call For A Century Of War

Posted 01.06.2008 | Politics

Think we've made too much about McCain's nutlog plan for a century of war in Iraq? Well, he seems to think that our if, ands, and buts are really just a century of candy and nuts!

God Said Ha!: Pat Robertson Suggests Divine Forces Aligning Against Giuliani

Posted 01.06.2008 | Politics

GOP presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani has found himself out of the center of attention lately, mainly because he's adopted a strategy that's been alm...

Sunday's Print Run Of Parade Intimates That Benazir Bhutto Is Still Alive

Posted 01.06.2008 | Politics

In a moment worthy of 'Dewey Beats Truman,' Sunday's Parade Magazine went out in newspapers all across the country with a blaring cover headline: "'I ...

The Media And The Military: A Tale Of Modern Love

Posted 01.07.2008 | Politics

In New York Times we learn that the press and the Pentagon are back in love with one another. Such good news!

New York Times Discusses 'Fair' Tax, Promotes Innumeracy

Posted 01.07.2008 | Politics

The New York Times' Tom Redburn asks, "Huckabee's Tax Plan Appeals, but Is It Fair?" A good question. A better question: "Tom Redburn can write an a...

Bush-Cheney Mouthpiece Boards 'Straight Talk' Express

Posted 01.07.2008 | Politics

Remember back in 2004, when the Swift Boat Veterans For [Depends On What Terrifying, Sick, Debased Definition You Have For The] Truth attacked preside...

Clinton Readies America For January 2009 Terror Attack

Posted 01.07.2008 | Politics

On the stump today, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton borrowed a page from the Rudy Giuliani playbook by intimating that within hours of her inaugu...

Kristol's NYT Debut Reaches Unsupportable Conclusions

Posted 01.08.2008 | Politics

There are plenty of laughs to be had reading Bill Kristol's debut column in the New York Times. There's his silly grab at the Obama bandwagon. There...

In Which We Offer Assistance In 'Message Discipline'

Posted 01.08.2008 | Politics

Hillary Clinton has picked up the endorsement of Robert Farmer, former DNC treasurer and U.S. consul general to Bermuda, who provided his support in a...

Clinton Surrogate Makes Creepy Reference To JFK Assassination

Posted 01.08.2008 | Politics

With the chips down, we're still waiting for that vaunted Clinton discipline to kick in. This isn't helping: Today, in Dover, Francine Torge, a form...

Gone In 15 Seconds: President Bush Sums Up His Legacy

Posted 01.08.2008 | Politics

On such a momentous day - filled with voting and hope and mavericks and Carvilles and fairy tales and Chris Matthews sexually harassing Hillary Clinto...

Straight Talk Expressed: McCain Says He Is Glad Iraq Is "Off The Front Pages"

Posted 01.08.2008 | Politics

The Mac Attack Is Back! And what a return it is: reporters crowding on the bus with John McCain listening to the candidate say all kinds of crazy thi...

Latest 'Fox Attacks' Vid Focuses On O'Reilly

Posted 01.08.2008 | Politics

Bill O'Reilly's latest incident of pants-wetting hysterics in New Hampshire, where he went nuts on one of Barack Obama's staffers, has taken on a love...