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Entries by Jason Linkins from 05/2008

Tim Russert Doesn't Want You to Read This

| Posted 05.01.2008 | Huffington Post

Here is some of the stuff from Arianna Huffington's new book, Right is Wrong, that NBC's Tim Russert has worked himself into a lather over and doesn't want you to read.

Campaign AdWatch: Freedom's Watch Follies

Posted 05.01.2008 | Politics

Here at Campaign AdWatch, we see an awful lot of politically themed ads. And most of them are just awful, which stands to reason, since the people wh...

Top Five Forgotten Stories: The Week In News That Got Missed

Posted 05.02.2008 | Politics

Chances are, when you look back on the past week several years from now, there won't be much you remember about the news that dominated your life. So...

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

Posted 05.04.2008 | Politics

Good morning and welcome once again to another liveblogged version of your Sunday Morning political poindextery. We begin today on a note of potentia...

'Mission Accomplished' Anniversary: NYT Celebrates With Panel Who Largely Got It Wrong

Posted 05.05.2008 | Politics

This past Sunday, the New York Times presented a symposium of sorts on the future of the Iraq War, titled "How To See This Mission Accomplished." Hav...

Clinton, Obama Battle Over 'Gas Tax Holiday'

Posted 05.05.2008 | Politics

Both of the would-be Democratic nominees found themselves all over the morning shows today, and the small-bore issue of a "gas tax holiday" continued ...

One Man's Quest To Save $100 From The 'Gas Tax Holiday'

Posted 05.05.2008 | Politics

Obama says I will save only $30 under the McCain/Clinton plan, but that hardly seems audacious or hopeful! So, I decided to see what I'd have to do to save a mere $100 between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

McCain Launches Spanish Language Website, But There's A Catch

Posted 05.05.2008 | Politics

It's Cinco de Mayo, the traditional date of the election season where pandering to the Spanish-speaking population is an absolute must. But if you ar...

Senator Tom Coburn: Accidental Ironist

Posted 05.06.2008 | Politics

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, noted frenemy of Senator Barack Obama and one-man distant early warning system of the Coming Lesbian Panic, wrote an op-e...

Clinton Camp Expands Strategic Umbrella Of Stupidity In Their Global War On Economists

Posted 05.06.2008 | Politics

UPDATE: Sen. Mendenez has released the following clarification: "I should have elaborated more in my on-air response -- the point I was making was th...

MSNBC Anchor Helpfully Defines 'Elitism'

Posted 05.06.2008 | Politics

Media personalities say the darnedest things sometimes! Like MSNBC's Contessa Brewer, who helpfully defined elitism this afternoon as basically A). b...

David Shuster Labors To Trump Up A Clinton Gaffe

Posted 05.06.2008 | Politics

Plumbing the depths of his knowledge of auto-racing, MSNBC's David Shuster really went out of his way to stick Senator Hillary Clinton with some sort ...

McCain Surrogate Brownback Downplays Hagee's Bigotry

Posted 05.06.2008 | Politics
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MSNBC's Brian Williams came perilously close to applying actual press scrutiny to one of John McCain's most beloved supporters, evangelist minister Jo...

Donna Brazile, Paul Begala Angrily Spar Over Dem Stereotypes

Posted 05.06.2008 | Politics

Apparently, way before this election began, Paul Begala got together with Lou Dobbs in heathen New York City, where they ate the Food Of The Working C...

Fox's Wallace Baldly Pretends That Rove Is Not McCain Advisor

Posted 05.06.2008 | Politics

Fox News talking-heads Chris Wallace and Karl Rove, have been dispensing their own nuggets of conventional wisdom tonight. Rove analyzed Senator Bara...

At Speech, Clinton Reminded That She Was From Scranton Two Weeks Ago

Posted 05.06.2008 | Politics

As anyone who has read Hillary Clinton's biography knows, she was born and raised in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, New York...

Obama Gives Media A Critical Valentine During Victory Speech

Posted 05.07.2008 | Politics

With the media stating explicit demands, and practically begging Obama to just let them give him a news-cycle win, Obama finally sucked it up and gave in last night, during his speech in North Carolina.

Dana Perino Stumped By Sadr City Bombing Question

Posted 05.07.2008 | Politics

Via Ackerman comes this snatch of Perino: THOMAS: Yesterday, according to The New York Times, we dropped a bomb on a home in Sadr City and burned ali...

Ron Paul Supporters Plan 'Paulvilles'

Posted 05.07.2008 | Politics

The supporters of Ron Paul love them some freedom, but ever since the rest of America made it perfectly clear that they weren't going to install Paul ...

Stephanopoulos: Clinton Debt 'Far Higher' Than Thought

Posted 05.08.2008 | Politics

George Stephanopoulos identified the two biggest impediments that the Clinton campaign currently faces in their increasingly improbable hunt for the D...

Rod Parsley, McCain's 'Spiritual Adviser,' Spotlighted By MoJo, Brave New Films

Posted 05.08.2008 | Politics

Despite the fact that John McCain and his surrogates have taken recent pains to try to dismiss concerns over the candidate's relationship with unendin...

Mark Penn Reportedly Dumber Than Previously Realized

Posted 05.08.2008 | Politics

Campaign strategist Mark Penn has long been held out as the despised, incompetent ally of the Clinton campaign's own gravediggers, what with his decis...

'Message Force Multiplier' Scandal: Networks Assailed For 'Deafening Silence'

Posted 05.08.2008 | Politics

Michael Calderone and Avi Zenilman run down the ongoing effort to get network and cable news outlets to come clean on their use of "message force mult...

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

Posted 05.11.2008 | Politics

Good morning and welcome to your Sunday morning liveblog. I'm guessing there came a moment this week where you thought that this would be the first o...

Bill Kristol Predicts Obama Veep As...Dick Gephardt?

Posted 05.11.2008 | Politics

Remember four years ago when the New York Post announced to the world that Dick Gephardt was going to be Kerry's pick for vice-president, except that ...