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Entries by Jason Linkins from 03/2009

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

Posted 03.01.2009 | Politics

Imagine Obama's boot, stomping up and down on David Ignatius' face, forever, for two or maybe three months. Like Avril Lavigne said, it's COMPLICATED.

Vicki Iseman Speaks Out On Early Show: 'I Did Not' Have Affair With McCain

Posted 03.02.2009 | Politics

Vicki Iseman, who was romantically linked to Senator John McCain by a February 21, 2008 New York Times article, spoke to Maggie Rodriguez of CBS' The ...

Stephen Colbert Credited For Raising Awareness Of DC Vote Effort

Posted 03.02.2009 | Politics

Eleanor Holmes Norton has become one of the better known faces in the effort, thanks to her hilarious confrontations with Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Report.

Larry Kudlow Running For Senate Against Dodd?

Posted 03.02.2009 | Politics

Over at The Corner, Kathryn Jean Lopez is feeling "bullish" about the prospects of CNBC's Larry Kudlow becoming America's Next Top Media Professional ...

Meghan McCain Overshares On Dating, Daddy Issues

Posted 03.02.2009 | Politics

You had to figure that it would be Meghan McCain that would turn the Daily Beast into LiveJournal.

Scritti Politti: March 2, 2009

Posted 03.02.2009 | Politics

Poor Samuel J. "Joe the 'Plumber'" Wurzelbacher! In town to deliver some plumbing lectures at CPAC, he also made a brief appearance at an area Borders...

Matthews: Abolish Filibuster, Let Majority Rule (VIDEO)

Posted 03.03.2009 | Politics

The filibuster. Why is it that it has continued to bedevil the Senate's majority party, even though you hardly see these croaky-throated old men stag...

Jonah Goldberg: 'I Hope Obama Fails, Too'

Posted 03.03.2009 | Politics

If the war over Rush Limbaugh truly is "tired," then why are people like Jonah Goldberg still fighting it, in insipid little columns, like the one he'...

Fox's Glenn Beck Threatens To Kill Anyone Who Buys Blago Book

Posted 03.03.2009 | Politics

You know, having penned his own rambling book of crackpot theorizing and unfunny cartoons, you'd think a guy like Glenn Beck would be sympathetic to f...

Media Matters Launches "Limbaugh Wire"

Posted 03.03.2009 | Politics

While Rush Limbaugh has denied that he is the de facto thought leader of the Republican party, he's not doing much to distance himself from the idea. ...

National Review Edges Toward Endorsing Obama Iraq Plan

Posted 03.03.2009 | Politics

Spencer Ackerman catches the Editors of the National Review being more-or-less okay with the President Barack Obama's plans to withdraw troops from Ir...

Limbaugh: Jake Tapper Not Obama's "Butt Boy" (AUDIO)

Posted 03.03.2009 | Politics

Look who's honoring Jake Tapper now! Rush Limbaugh, whose Octomom-like ubiquity is ensured some significant extension thanks to his use of the term "...

Scritti Politti: March 3, 2009

Posted 03.03.2009 | Politics

Just to button up this rather Limbaugh heavy day, we'll turn to David Frum and Ross Douthat, who both, amid the ongoing "battle for the soul/future/se...

Michael Steele Gets Repeatedly Dissed On Morning Joe (VIDEO)

Posted 03.04.2009 | Politics

RNC Chair Michael Steele, who's made all of the wrong kinds of news this week after he offered Rush Limbaugh a stooping apology for comments he made o...

Colorado Representative Apologizes For Cheering Rocky's Demise

Posted 03.04.2009 | Politics

Jared Polis, a Democratic member of the House Of Representatives from Colorado's Second District, has apologized after remarks he made gloating over t...

CNN's Jack Cafferty Confesses 'Crush' On Michelle Obama

Posted 03.04.2009 | Politics

Everybody's oversharing now! Here's CNN's Jack Cafferty, whose curmudgeonly heart has been lit ablaze in a way that Wolf Blitzer could never quite ma...

Bradley Blakeman Takes His Shot At Limbaugh Criticism (VIDEO)

Posted 03.04.2009 | Politics

Criticizing Rush Limbaugh didn't work out that well for RNC Chair Michael Steele. In fact, it's worked out spectacularly unwell. DOUBLEPLUS UNWELL, ...

First Shot Fired In Defense Budget Battle

Posted 03.04.2009 | Politics

No one in politics ever looks bad vowing to "take on the lobbyists," and in his latest YouTube missive, President Barack Obama got downright bellicose...

The GOP Wedded To Rush

Posted 03.04.2009 | Politics

A new video depicts the extent to which various observers, pundits, and political figures have encouraged the idea that Rush represents the philosophical point of reference for the post-election GOP.

Campbell Brown Challenged Rush To Debate Last Month, He Didn't Show

Posted 03.04.2009 | Politics

In the wake of Rush Limbaugh challenging President Barack Obama to a debate, it has been pointed out to me that before the radio host steps up to face...

Media Picks Up Crazy Russian 'End Of America' Story For A SECOND Time

Posted 03.04.2009 | Politics

You've likely already noted the fact that the predictions of a "Russian scholar" named Igor Panarin - who believes that the current economic crisis, c...

Scritti Politti: March 4, 2009

Posted 03.04.2009 | Politics

Look at the letter I received today! Hello Jason, As an erstwhile member of the band Scritti Politti, just wanted to advise you that the number of ...

Jon Stewart Eviscerates CNBC, Santelli On Daily Show (VIDEO)

Posted 03.05.2009 | Media

So, lesson learned: do not cancel on The Daily Show. Or at least do not do whatever CNBC and/or Rick Santelli did, in the way they canceled on The Da...

Colbert Takes Glenn Beck's End Times Scenarios To The 'Doom Bunker' (VIDEO)

Posted 03.05.2009 | Comedy

Surely someone out there is getting ready to honor Stephen Colbert for his pants-wettingly hysterical parody of the Glenn Beck Show.

Maddow, Pawlenty Debate Limbaugh As Party Leader (VIDEO)

Posted 03.05.2009 | Politics

On last night's Rachel Maddow Show, the MSNBC host discussed the future of the GOP and the ongoing hullabaloo over Rush Limbaugh with Minnesota Govern...